Sunfoundry Free Solar Calculator

100% Online Solar Calculator

Have you ever wondered how much you can save with Solar Panel installations in New Jersey?

Welcome!  If you found this page you are most likely a homeowner in New Jersey interested in Solar Power.   To assist you we created a quick online solar calculator that is designed for the New Jersey Solar Market.  Just put in your electric costs and it will return an estimate for what you could expect to pay and save with solar panels instead of your current utility bill.   It covers both solar leases and purchases.

What does it mean when it says $0 down or No cost Solar?

Generally there are two ways people are signing up for solar in New Jersey right now, solar purchases and solar leases/power purchase agreements

Solar Purchases

With a solar panel purchase a customer will own their solar system and be entitled to all of the benefits from it including:

  • 30% Federal Tax Credit

  • 100% of the electricity generated from the system

  • 100% Bonus Depreciation if a business expense

  • SREC Solar Renewable Energy Certificates which provide additional monthly income

Sunfoundry has a number of financial partners including Sungage Financial  which can provide 100% financing for your system

Solar Leases or Power Purchase Agreements

Solar Leases and Power Purchase Programs are also called TPO's  Third Party Owned systems.  In these programs a customer can sign up to basically buy solar electricity from a system they host on the house.  The system is owned and maintained by an outside company, and in return for hosting the system, a homeowner will receive a discount to their electricity.  There are a number of different companies that support these programs.  In general, the savings a homeowner receives from a lease or power purchase agreement will be less than their benefit from a solar purchase over time.  We recommend carefully considering options if opting for a solar lease.  Like buying solar panels, these programs are available for no cost up front.  They are good for homeowners who may not wish to finance a solar system.