Hi, Welcome to Sunfoundry, a preferred partner of PowerScout


Ok, you put your information in the internet

and now your phone is getting blown up like you are the most popular person on earth

Its going to be ok

I have a saying…”You can’t force someone to go solar.” Choosing to put solar on your roof is something that people kind of have an “ahha” moment when they just realize that paying utilities indefinitely for dirty power when clean, eventually free power is available to them is just a no-brainer.

Now like any major purchase it makes complete sense to speak to some different contractors an get the lay of the land, compare apples to apples, smart.

As for my company, we have strict rules when it comes to getting information for prospects from the Internet. We Give to Get. I don’t want you to be a solar expert, but I do want you to be an informed consumer. So while my good friends are attempting to get you on the phone, myself or one of my team will be putting together a Remote Site Design and Survey. Using our state of the art software we construct a 3d model and performance simulation of your home’s solar potential and make a screencast of it, right to your phone or inbox. Then…we will reach out to you to discuss.

Now in order to get the most accurate information we just need to know how much electricity you used last year. Getting this information is as easy as taking a picture of your bill and sending it to us or use the button below which opens up an app to download/take a pic of your bill. The more precise information we have the better our delivery to you.

I look forward top assisting you in your Solar Journey

—-Jonathan Welle (Owner, Sunfoundry)