How much do solar panel systems cost in New Jersey?

Solar panels aren't cheap, but they are worth it.

Solar Panel systems have fallen in cost so significantly over the past few years.  At the same time a number of new financing solutions have come into the marketplace which creates an incredible opportunity for homeowners to increase the value of their property and take control of their electricity costs with solar panel installations.

Fact:  Cost remains the #1 concern for potential solar buyers

People get sticker-shocked with solar.  After all, with the exception of a house purchase, or school tuition, who has made a purchase in excess of $15,000 in their lives.    Additionally, solar represents an all-in proposition.  There is no try before you buy with solar.  Therefore it is extremely important to have confidence in your solar installer.

Solar panel systems in New Jersey are generally quoted in cost per installed watt.  For example, an average sized system might be 7 kilowatts, or 7000 watts.  Generally installers will quote in $/watt.  Average costs for solar systems are around $3.50/watt in NJ at the present time.

Prices can vary based on a number of factors including

  • Choice of solar panel
  • Inverter Type
  • Length of equipment warranty
  • Method of Financing
  • Length of installation workmanship warranty


We will cover how to get the best possible deal on solar panels in another post but in the meantime think about solar panels like buying a car.  Some people buy, some lease.  But right now the numbers work for solar purchases in such a way that, with $0 down, you can eliminate your electric bill FOREVER.  

Sunfoundry is a full service solar home improvement contracting firm servicing New Jersey and Washington DC markets.  We strive to provide superior value to homeowners through the reduction of soft costs in the solar acquisition process and are committed to a best in class service proposition for our clients.

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