How long do solar panels last?

Some Background

According to the Board of Public utilities, my family received a grant for over $50,000 toward the Seventy-first solar system (#74)  installed int he State of New Jersey.

That was in 2004, and since then we installed two more.  So its fair to say we have some experience with solar in the medium term.


How long do solar panels Last?

The short answer is to reference the manufacturer's warranty on your chosen solar panel.  Many manufacturers have a 10year and 20-25 year production warranty as well as a limited physical warranty.  We pay close attention to the quality and credit worthiness of our chosen panel suppliers as the true test of our diligence would come if there was ever a recall of the solar panels

By and by, however we have not seen many recalled modules in over 10 years.

25 years is the benchmark but with expected degredation between .4-.8%/year one would expect the panels to last much longer. 

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I found a great infographic at that we wanted to share.. Enjoy.--JW


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