Step 1


Sustainability starts with a feasibility study

Using your current electric bill, our LIDAR based site review process, & our complimentary home energy assesment, we determine your roof's maximum potential. We than determine final design and energy storage option, while taking great care to encompass all available energy mitigating technology.

At the end of Step 1, we provide a highly customized renewable energy solution for your property.

Step 2


Top TIER Financial advice

Once proposal has been reviewed and accepted, we explore your short and long-term financial goals in order to determine the best financing terms. We have partnered with lending institutions that have focused on renewable energy in recent years, and offer our clients best-in-class service and support.

step 3

Sustainability progresses with a handshake

At this point we have worked together to create a unique solution for your property that meets both your energy lifestyle and financial goals. We shake hands, and we Get to Work!


STep 4

Materials, engineering, & finance

During this time we purchase materials and schedule our installers while finalizing these applications and permits:

Financial Applications & Contracts

  • SREC Application
  • SREC Forward Contracts
  • State Grant Applications
  • Federal Investment Tax Credit

Structural Permits

  • Utility Interconnection Permit
  • Local Electrical Permit
  • Local Structural Permit
  • Local Fire Inspection/Permit

We work with top class supply partners for our energy investments

Step 5

property energized!

Your unique energy solution is installed seamlessly by our locally licensed and bonded installers in less than 5 days from start to finish. Final inspection takes place usually within 30 days of final install by your local electrical and building inspectors as well as the state program administrator. While this is happening we finalize the forward SREC contracts with you to ensure your Energy Solution pays you for years to come!

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