SolarStream™: A new way to go solar



1.   Site Feed

Property owners list their project with Sunfoundry from a secure sign in.  This is used to generate a FREE feasibility study and Bid package.  

Choose panel type, color and features.


What do we monitor?  We create the listing and post it to the website as well as orchestrating the design process.  We review it for accuracy.

2. Sources Sought Feed

Sunfoundry sources the core deliverables for solar through our partner network.  This includes material, professional services, and local installation.

  • Sunfoundry submits the bid package to the contractor network for fulfillment.
  • Stakeholders provide actionable quotations via our quote engine.
  • Sunfoundry applies proprietary review process and diligence


Sunfoundry monitors the bids for accuracy and consistency.

3.  Finance Feed

Sunfoundry secures your Zero Cost Solar Financing from local lenders or our national financing partners. 

  • 100%  Financing
  • Low Credit Requirement
  • Expert advisors to determine the best choice of financing 

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