We believe in impact investing.

It is an accepted notion that the more a society enjoys political 'freedom', the more financially stable they become.

The current industry climate affords investors a way to profit on bettering society as a whole. We came together to explore these opportunities in products that promote freedom and financial stability

Sunfoundry is based out of New Jersey, the 3rd largest solar market in the country, and Washington, DC, a fast growing market because of its highly progressive grant policies. We are a team that specializes in both capital investments and the photovoltaic service industry. Collectively we have over 80 years of experience in the energy sector with respect to engineering, construction, & finance.

We are a creative group of friends that live on developing unique energy solutions for homes and businesses. From converting dairy farms to using solar thermal pressurized water, to using creative new technologies to exact more efficiency in your home, to developing new finance vehicles for bigger projects; We continually strive to push boundaries in the renewable energy industry.


SunFoundry offers a seamless process of energy sustainability. This process is in part possible because of our long standing relationships with our suppler partners.

Feel free to look at what some of the great things our partners are doing